Growth on right wrist bone disappeared

I had an extra growth of bone on the right wrist joint. It was projecting out and it was growing day by day. During service, pastor asked us to lay hands on places where we need healing. I did the same. A couple of weeks later, I noticed that the growth was gone. All praise and glory be to the Lord Jesus Christ, our Healer.

Sister Mary Dominic

Delivered from cyst in the stomach

I was suffering from severe stomach pain. Scans revealed that I had a cyst in my ovaries. Medication gave me no relief. I was told that I had to operate the same. My husband brought me to Life Changing Church. During the prayer, it was given to understand through the Word of Knowledge that the cyst was being removed. I simultaneously, felt a heaviness leave my stomach. When I went back to the doctor, the scan was clear and the cyst had disappeared. I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for performing this mighty miracle in my life.

Sister Pavithra

Delivered from an evil spirit

For several months, I was having severe pain in my body and was extremely weak and giddy. I went to several hospitals and was told that there was nothing wrong with me. I also went to many places of worship, but the problem continued. This also resulted in me having a miscarriage. My neighbor brought me to Life Changing Church on 17th Nov.’13. Pastor prayed for me. The pain left my body and I was totally delivered from this evil attack. I thank the Lord Jesus for delivering me of this problem and giving me a new life.

Sister Lethchumi

Testimony of a miracle baby

On 26th June 2013 I gave birth to a baby girl. Even after two hours they did not show my baby to me. When I enquired, I was told that the baby had a deformity -the right side of her face was flattened, her head was abnormally shaped, there were blood shots over her eyes and cheeks and her eyes were swollen and closed! I was told that nothing could be done about this deformity and that the child will remain like this for the rest of her life. Heart broken, we immediately called Pastor for prayer. Pastor counseled us on certain spiritual truths about our lives and then he prayed for us and the baby. The next morning my husband came early to see the baby. He was completely amazed to see that the shaped of the head was normal and the swelling and blood shots had disappeared. The next day a scan of her head showed that she was perfectly normal. We give glory to the Lord Jesus for this wondrous work.

Sister Jennifer Franklin

Cyst disappeared miraculously and my mother in law was healed from a hole in the heart.

We have been coming to Life Changing Church from November 2013. I am married for 5 years and have no children. We went to many Doctors and I was told that I had a cyst and there was no possibility of me conceiving. During the service, Pastor prayed for me. After this, I went to the doctor and took a scan. To my complete amazement, I was told that the cyst had disappeared and now there is a possibility of conception. To The Lord Jesus I give glory.

Two weeks later, my mother in law was admitted in hospital. The doctors said that her pulse was very low and her condition was serious as she had a hole in her heart. As a result of this, she could not speak. We asked Pastor to pray for her. When we went back to the hospital, the doctors told us that the hole in her heart had vanished miraculously. All glory, honor and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ

Sister Sumathi Karthikeyan

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