Healed from Cancer!! Jesus is Alive!

Our Awesome God revealed his Awesome Power through this healing from Lymphoma (Cancer) in the life of Sister Jennifer at Life Changing Church, Chennai


In the name of God Almighty I give this testimony to honor, praise and glorify our dear Lord Jesus Christ. I have been coming to Life Changing Church since 2009. With Pastor praying for me, Jesus Christ made a lot of things possible in my life which had not happened before that. Due to my family pressures I could not continue to come for the past one and half year. During this period I lost my job, my bank balance, my car, and I fell into very huge financial debt and most of all I lost my peace. On the advice of my Pastor I started coming to Life Changing Church again from August 5th 2012. Our dear pastor prayed for me and told me to keep coming to Life Changing Church and to have faith and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. I asked for forgiveness from our merciful Lord. This month on 5th September I had an interview for a job which was referred to by brother David. Before going for the interview I prayed with pastor and the rest was done by Jesus Christ. The job was mine and they asked me to join on 10th September. My heartfelt thanks to our dear Pastor and to our Lord Jesus Christ who once again has done a miracle in my life and proved that he is the greatest. I give all glory, honor and praise to my Lord Jesus.


Delivered from a skin problem after 56 years

I am 66 years old. Since the age of 10, I have been suffering with a painful skin problem, whereby the skin would just keep peeling off my body and dropping. No medicines, soaps or creams helped me. I came to Life Changing Church in June 2013 and Pastor prayed for me. After a couple of months, I suddenly realized that my skin was normal and the peeling had stopped. Jesus has delivered me from a problem which was with me for the last 56 years. I praise and thank my Lord Jesus for this mighty miracle in my life.

Sister Saraswathi Ammal

Delivered from evil spirits

I came to Life Changing Church for the first time on 26th January 2013. I had been wandering for two months, I was troubled in my heart and I had a deep fear inside me. During the service, I lost control of myself and did not know what was happening. When I returned home I slept for about twenty hours at a stretch. When I awoke, I experienced peace and joy within me which was missing for the last 3 years. I thank the Lord Jesus for delivering me.

Brother Manivanan

Secured good marks in tenth standard exams

I appeared for the 10th standard public exams in April 2013. The previous year, while studying in 9th standard, my headmistress called my mother and warned her that I may not clear the 10th standard exam as my performance was bad and I was continuously failing in Maths. In February 2013, I attended the annual “Edufest”, which is a special service for students appearing for their public exams. To my complete amazement, I secured 411 marks out of 500 in my public exams, with 70% in Maths. This is definitely not by my own strength but by the grace of God. I give all glory, honour and praise to our Lord Jesus.

Brother John Wesley

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