About Us

Pastor Suresh and Pastor Lorraine have dedicated their lives into full time ministry after their respective calling. Ever since they started their journey, The Lord has done mighty miracles through them in the area of healing of diverse sickness and diseases, bringing together broken families and many other deliverances for people from demonic oppression. 

Life Changing Church was born on 20th June 2004 in obedience to God's Word. It had a humble beginning at Pastors' residence. 5months later, the church moved to its own place.

In the year 2006, Pastor Suresh and Pastor Lorraine started 'Cross Fire Ministries Charitable Trust' which focusses on the economically challenged, destitute women in the areas of education and medical assistance. A visit to www.cfmcharitabletrust.in will give you a broader idea of their charitable activities.

'Jeshurun College of Bible Studies' ('JCBS') was founded in the year 2009. JCBS is affiliated to American Mission Teams, International College of Bible Theology, Missouri, USA. Visit www.jesgurunbiblecollege.com for details on the courses available.

'Jeshurun Biblical Business Management Forum' ('JBBMF') is an exclusive Forum for Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Executives. JBBMF focuses on Leadership enhancement and throws light on business solutions from the Word of God.

The music academy wing, 'Jeshurun Music School' has one of the most emminent music teachers, Dr.Rajeevan David spearheading classes for those interested in the Keyboard, Guitar, Drums and Saxophone. Many students have been blessed by this school which has been dedicated to bring up children and youth into the music ministry for the Lord Jesus.

'Suresh Kumar Nair Ministries' is the Evagelical wing which takes the good news of the Gospel to the ends of the earth even through webcasting.

'End Time Harvest Inc.' END TIME HARVEST INC. has been incorporated on 9th May 2013 at California, The United States of America, with main objective of bringing in the good news of the gospel to more people around the world. This ministry primarily focuses on the ministry of planting churches and supporting ministers who work as missionaries in around the world. Therefore, the ministry activities will comprise of sustaining gospel workers around the world. However, the focus will be primarily India as a foreign nation who needs the gospel message since its is predominantly a Hindu country.. A portion of the funds are also to be used in United States of America to bring awareness of the eternal life and living life pleasing to God in the last days, since the coming of our Lord Jesus is very soon. 

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